P D Home Improvements - Natural and L.P.G. Gas Work

At P D Home Improvements in Exeter, we specialise in the installation and repairs of natural gas or L.P.G. (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) piping and appliances. Gas is an important energy source for any home or other property. It is used in the heating of your home as well as with other appliances such your cooker.

Whilst gas is a highly useful product, it is also very dangerous. Gas is poisonous, meaning that if any gas appliance is not fit correctly and the gas leaks out, you run the risk of creating a highly toxic environment in your home. Moreover, a gas leak is also a serious health concern due to its flammability. If enough gas has built up in our home, then anything as simple as turning on a light can have catastrophic consequences. At P D Home Improvements in Exeter, we are experts at fitting any gas appliances and making sure that they are safely installed.

L.P.G. is another useful energy source and is most commonly used on outdoor appliances, however, it can also be used in caravans and rural homes. Any fixed appliance must be regularly serviced and safety checked at least once a year by a Gas Safe qualified engineer. At P D Home Improvements, we can install any type of L.P.G. appliance in your home, making sure that it is safe to use. We can also service any existing L.P.G. appliances, making any repairs as required.

For more information on the natural gas and L.P.G. installation services that we can provide, give P D Home Improvements in Exeter a call on 01392668648 or send us a message through our contact page.

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